MetaSystems的XCyting DNA探针

下载新的探针目录下载新的探针产品目录 自1986年公司成立以来,MetaSystems一直致力于开发和制造一些世界上最好的生命科学,特别是在细胞遗传学方面的显微成像系统。1997年,因对多色染色体涂染探针试剂盒的强烈需求,而为FISH试剂进入细胞遗传学和血液学市场提供了机会。在我们推出mFISH探针后不久,MetaSystems开发了一种用于染色体高分辨率多色条带分析的新技术,称为mBAND。mBAND技术由DNA探针试剂盒和专用分析算法组成,受到一系列国际专利的保护。


MetaSystems FISH Probes将继续致力于倾听我们的客户,并将我们收到的有价值的意见、建议和反馈转化为新产品,帮助全球分子诊断和研究实验室获得快速和准确的结果。

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Development of High Precision SARS-COV-2 (RNA) FISH Probes

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has led to global efforts to understand the mechanisms of the virus-induced Covid-19 disease and to seek to find effective countermeasures. In this context, our daughter company MetaSystems Italy joined forces with RNA-FISH specialist PixelBiotech for development of highly sensitive and precise SARS-Covid-2 probes.

Download the leaflet with details about the new technology here.

Development of High Precision SARS-COV-2 (RNA) FISH Probes

Corona Crisis

Against the background of the worldwide appearance of the Corona virus (Sars CoV-2), the most important task for everyone at present is to contribute to slowing down its speed of propagation by adapting their behavior. Nevertheless, we are striving to maintain our services as far as possible and provide our customers and partners with the usual good service.

Corona Crisis