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Download the new Probes Catalog 2017-18 Since 1986, the year of our incorporation, MetaSystems has been focused on developing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest microscope imaging systems for life sciences, and in particular, cytogenetics. In 1997, a strong demand for multicolor chromosome painting probe kits opened up the opportunity to enter the field of FISH reagents for the cytogenetic and hematology markets. Soon after having launched our mFISH probe, MetaSystems developed a novel technique for high resolution multicolor banding analysis for chromosomes, termed mBAND. Comprising a DNA probe kit, as well as dedicated analysis algorithms, the mBAND technique is protected by a series of international patents.

Today’s current FISH probe product offering is being continually expanded in response to the requests of our valued customers. Currently, we have a number of innovative probes in our development pipeline to meet our customer's expanding hematology and solid tumor probe requirements. We invite you to visit our website regularly to check for new products and other XCyting news. If you need a DNA probe that you find neither in the catalog nor on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us; it may well be that the particular probe you are seeking is already in development or production, and if not, we are always open to suggestions.

MetaSystems FISH Probes will remain committed to listening to our customers and translating the valuable input and feedback that we receive into new products that help to achieve fast and accurate results within molecular diagnostic and research laboratories worldwide.

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Die Schwerpunktthemen für den kommenden Kongress sind Uropathologie, Kopf-Hals-Tumore und natürlich die Molekularpathologie. Zu diesen Themen finden Sie ein breit gefächertes Spektrum an Vorträgen, Workshops, Kompaktkursen, Seminaren und auch interdisziplinären Kursen.

Neu ist im kommenden Januar die Gestaltung des Freitags. Hier finden Sie nach dem traditionellen Wissenscamp unter anderem fakultativ buchbare Kurse zu neuropathologischen Themen und unsere Premiere eines Masterkurses zur Schilddrüsenpathologie. Klares Ziel ist es hier, Ihnen in kurzer Zeit Lösungsmöglichkeiten für die größten Herausforderungen in der täglichen Diagnostik zu zeigen. Für unsere Labore ist die zunehmende Anforderung von molekular-pathologischen Untersuchungen eine große Herausforderung. Deswegen bieten wir unter dem Motto: „Von MTLA’s für MTLA’s „einen Kurs zur Etablierung eines NGSLabors an und starten die vierteiligen Reihe „Mol-Path für Einsteiger“ für MTLA’s, Biologen und Ärzte.

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MetaSystems Workshop in Dehradun, India

A “Hands-on Workshop on FISH and its application in Pathology and Clinical Medicine” was organized by MetaSystems and Department of Pathology, Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) to demonstrate the applications of FISH in hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

MetaSystems Workshop in Dehradun, India

MetaSystems Distributor Meeting 2018 in Nassau, The Bahamas

The yearly MetaSystems Distributor Meeting (DM), brought into life in 2002 as a platform to gather all international partners of MetaSystems and other members of the global MetaSystems family, just ended last week. The DM is being organized in turns by MetaSystems Headquarters, MetaSystems USA (MGI), and MetaSystems Asia. Since MGI is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018 they decided to choose a special location: Nassau, The Bahamas!

MetaSystems Distributor Meeting 2018 in Nassau, The Bahamas
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