Greetings from Nijmegen, NL

Mar 27, 2024

Our colleagues and our sister company MetaSystems Probes enjoyed meeting you at the 11th International Workshop on Cancer Genetic & Cytogenetic Diagnostics in Nijmegen (NL).

We hope you had a chance to learn more about the XCyting FISH Probes and Ikaros.

Selected highlights of karyogram creation with Ikaros include:

  • Accommodate a wide range of banding techniques currently in use,
  • Utilize diverse specimens, such as amniotic fluid, peripheral blood, chorionic villus, bone marrow, and tissue, without limitations based on specific diseases, for banding analysis,
  • Incorporate multiple features to enhance the interpretation of metaphases and streamline the karyotyping process,
  • Leverage Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to assist in the separation and assignment of chromosomes.
  • Maintain a continuous log of processing steps and enjoy unrestricted access to the original images,
  • Facilitate seamless transitions between different capture settings, allowing for easy shifts from brightfield to fluorescence and vice versa,
  • Opt for manual image acquisition with one-click capture, automatic contrast enhancement, and the selection of the optimal focus plane.

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Nijmegen, Netherlands

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