New Probes Catalog is Online!

Aug 1, 2023

MetaSystems Probes is pleased to announce the new catalog including new and innovative products and supporting information. A PDF version of the new catalog is available for download here.

New Releases in 2022/23​

Since the last catalog was published, MetaSystems Probes has introduced the following new FISH probes:​

Hematology / Oncology


XL ETV6 BA D-5139-100-OG XL Di George TBX1 D-5415-050-OG
XL t(11;14) CCND1/IGH DF D-5140-100-OG
XL t(5;11) NSD1/NUP98 DF D-5141-100-OG
XL TCL1 BA D-5142-100-OG
XL PAX5 BA D-5143-100-OG
XL CUX1/EZH2/7cen D-5144-100-TC
XL SPI1 BA D-5145-100-OG
XL CCND3/IGH DF D-5147-100-OG
XL CSF1R BA D-5152-100-OG
XL t(1;19) PBX1/TCF3 DF D-5153-100-OG
XL 5p15/21q22 D-5155-100-OG

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