MetaSystems DNA FISH Probe List

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All MetaSystems Human FISH probe products are classified as IVD products in the EU according to the In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC and are CE labeled, unless otherwise indicated in the product description.

Customized probes are labeled RUO.

Probe map details based on UCSC Genome Browser GRCh37/hg19. Map components not to scale.

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Displaying probes for chromosome 21.

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Probe Name Order Number
XA 21q22D-5601-100-OR
XA 13 / 21D-5602-100-OG
XA TriScore (X / Y / 21)D-5603-100-TC
XA AneuScore I (2x 100 µl)D-5604-100-TC
XA AneuScore I (2x 500 µl)D-5604-500-TC
XA 13 / 18 / 21D-5607-100-TC
XA AneuScore II (2x 100 µl)D-5609-100-TC
XL RUNX1D-5096-100-OG
XCP 21 Orange (50 µl)D-0321-050-OR
XCP 21 Green (50 µl)D-0321-050-FI
XCP 21 Orange (100 µl)D-0321-100-OR
XCP 21 Green (100 µl)D-0321-100-FI
XA AneuScore II (2x 500 µl)D-5609-500-TC
XCyte 21 (30 µl)D-0221-030-DI
XCyte 21 (60 µl)D-0221-060-DI
XCyte 21 (120 µl)D-0221-120-DI
XL t(8;21) plusD-5114-100-OG
XL t(12;21) ETV6/RUNX1 DFD-5115-100-OG
XA AneuScore III (2x 100 µl)D-5613-100-TC
XA AneuScore III (2x 500 µl)D-5613-500-TC
XL Acro-pD-5440-050-OR
XL 21q22 / XCP 21D-5441-050-OG