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Human mBAND Probe

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The mBAND technique is based on a series of partial chromosome paints for sequential partially overlapping chromosome regions of a single chromosome. For labeling the same 5 fluorochromes as in the 24XCyte probe are used. The characteristic multicolor banding pattern of mBAND is generated by quantifying the fluorescence intensity ratios along the chromosome. These ratios are unique and visualized as band-specific pseudo colors. mBAND provides information that allows for a precise analysis of even highly complex inter- and intrachromosomal aberrations.

The mBAND technique is protected by international patents (e.g. US 7,050,911, EP 0 957 176, EP 1 672 083).

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  • MacKinnon RN and Campbell LJ (2005) Cancer Genet Cytogenet 163:176-179


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