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Probe Name Order Number
XL CCND3/IGH DFD-5147-100-OG
XL CUX1/EZH2/7cenD-5144-100-TC
XL t(1;19) PBX1/TCF3 DFD-5153-100-OG
XL 5p15/21q22D-5155-100-OG
XL ETV6 BAD-5139-100-OG
XL CBFB/MYH11 plusD-5126-100-OG
XL TET2D-5038-100-OG
XL 6q21/6q23D-5039-100-OG
XL FGFR1D-5041-100-OG
XL 5q31/5q33D-5042-100-OG
XL 7q22/7q36D-5043-100-TC
XL CLL Probe Kit (XL DLEU/LAMP/12cen + XL ATM/TP53)D-5044-100-TC
XL ATM/TP53D-5046-100-OG
XL MDM2D-5047-100-OG
XL Iso(17q)D-5048-100-OG
XL BCR/ABL1 plusD-5052-100-OG
XL CDKN2AD-5053-100-OG
XL DLEU/LAMP/12cenD-5055-100-TC
XL MECOM 3q26D-5059-100-OG
XL MLL plusD-5060-100-OG
XL DLEU/TP53D-5067-100-OG
XL del(7)(q22q31)D-5068-100-TC
XL CCND1D-5071-100-OG
XL ETV6D-5073-100-OG
XL 5q31/5q33/5p15D-5081-100-TC
XL 6q21/6q23/
XL TP53/NF1D-5089-100-OG
XL Acro-pD-5440-050-OR
XL 21q22 / XCP 21D-5441-050-OG
XL ALK BAD-6001-100-OG
XL EGFR ampD-6005-100-OG
XL MYC ampD-6008-100-OG
XL ERBB2 (HER2/NEU) ampD-6010-100-OG
XL BCL2 BAD-6018-100-OG
XL ROS1-GOPC BAD-6029-100-OG
XL CBFBD-5092-100-OG
XL 4q12D-5063-100-TC
XL BCR/ABL1/ASSD-5082-100-TC
XL del(5)(q31)D-5085-100-OG
XL t(15;17) DFD-5086-100-OG
XL RARA BAD-5087-100-OG
XL KMT2A BAD-5090-100-OG
XL RUNX1D-5096-100-OG
XL EWSR1 BAD-6011-100-OG
XL MALT1 BAD-6015-100-OG
XL BCL6 BAD-6016-100-OG
XL MYC BAD-6023-100-OG
XL 5p15/9q22/15q22 HyperdiploidyD-5095-100-TC
XL t(6;9) DEK/NUP214D-5097-100-OG
XL JAK2 BAD-5098-100-OG
XL CDKN2C/CKS1BD-5099-100-OG
XL MYC BA triple-colorD-6030-100-TC
XL MYCN ampD-6031-100-OG
XL del(5)(q33)D-5091-100-OG
XL t(8;21) plusD-5114-100-OG
XL NUP98D-5077-100-OG
XL t(7;12) MNX1/ETV6D-5101-100-OG
XL TCRA/DD-5106-100-OG
XL ATM/11cenD-5102-100-OG
XL 5q32 PDGFRB BAD-5104-100-OG
XL TP53/17cenD-5103-100-OG
XL t(14;20) IGH/MAFB DFD-5105-100-OG
XL 20q12/20qter plusD-5121-100-OG
XL IRF4 BAD-6040-100-OG
XL IGH BAD-5107-100-OG
XL t(4;14) FGFR3/IGH DFD-5108-100-OG
XL t(6;14) CCND3/IGH DFD-5109-100-OG
XL t(8;14) MYC/IGH DFD-5110-100-OG
XL t(11;14) MYEOV/IGH DFD-5111-100-OG
XL t(14;16) IGH/MAF DFD-5112-100-OG
XL t(14;18) IGH/BCL2 DFD-5113-100-OG
XL t(12;21) ETV6/RUNX1 DFD-5115-100-OG
XL del(20q) plusD-5119-100-OG
XL t(8;14) MYC/IGH DF 8cenD-5125-100-TC
XL CDKN2A/9q22D-5118-100-OG
XL 4q12 DCD-5123-100-OG
XL BCL3 BAD-5128-100-OG
XL t(3;3) GATA2/MECOM DFD-5124-100-OG
XL TLX3 BAD-5129-100-OG
XL 22q11 IGL BAD-5117-100-OG
XL 2p11 IGK BAD-5116-100-OG
XL 20q12/20qter/8cen plusD-5122-100-TC
XL 1p36/1q25 delD-6021-100-OG
XL 19p/19q delD-6019-100-OG
XL ABL2 BAD-5138-100-OG
XL t(9;11) MLLT3/KMT2A DFD-5133-100-OG
XL DDIT3 BAD-6032-100-OG
XL SS18 BAD-6033-100-OG
XL FOXO1 BAD-6034-100-OG
XL FUS BAD-6035-100-OG
XL DiGeorge TBX1D-5415-050-OG
XL Wolf-HirschhornD-5416-050-OG
XL Cri-Du-ChatD-5417-050-OG
XL Williams-BeurenD-5418-050-OG
XL Prader-Willi/AngelmanD-5421-050-OG
XL Smith-Magenis/Miller-DiekerD-5422-050-OG
XL CRLF2 BAD-5130-100-OG
XL P2RY8 delD-5150-100-OG
XL t(8;9) PCM1/JAK2 DFD-5120-100-OG
XL t(14;18) IGH/MALT1 DFD-6020-100-OG
XL ABL1 BAD-5148-100-OG
XL t(4;11) AFF1/KMT2A DFD-5131-100-OG
XL t(6;11) AFDN/KMT2A DFD-5132-100-OG
XL t(10;11) MLLT10/KMT2A DFD-5134-100-OG
XL t(11;19) KMT2A/ELL DFD-5135-100-OG
XL t(11;19) KMT2A/MLLT1 DFD-5136-100-OG
XL t(11;14) CCND1/IGH DFD-5140-100-OG
XL CSF1R BAD-5152-100-OG
XL TCL1 BAD-5142-100-OG
XL SPI1 BAD-5145-100-OG
XL PAX5 BAD-5143-100-OG
XL t(5;11) NSD1/NUP98 DFD-5141-100-OG

The MetaSystems product families ‘XCyting Locus-Specific Probes’ (XL) (except XL Acro-p and XL 21q21/XCP21), ‘XCyting Aneusomy Probes’ (XA) and the two ‘XCyting Centromere Enumeration Probes’ (XCE) XCE 8 and XCE 12 are classified in the EU as In-Vitro Medical Devices and marked as IVD CE accordingly.
The product families ‘XCyting Centromere Enumeration Probes’ (XCE) (except XCE 8 and XCE 12), ‘XCyting Chromosome Paints’ (XCP), ‘XCyting Multicolor FISH Probes’ (XCyte mFISH), ‘XCyting Multicolor FISH Banding Probes’ (XCyte mBAND) and the two products XL Acro-p and XL 21q21/XCP 21 are offered for Research Use Only and are marked as RUO accordingly.

Some products may not be available in all markets.

Probe maps are created in accordance with the intended purpose of the product. Solid colored bars do not necessarily indicate that the probe fully covers the indicated genomic region. Therefore, caution is advised when interpreting results generated through off-label use. Probe map details based on UCSC Genome Browser GRCh37/hg19. Map components not to scale. Further information is available on request.