New MetaSystems Office in Latin America

Jan 16, 2019

MetaSystems proudly announces the opening of our first subsidiary in the Southern hemisphere. The new office is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and bears the name MetaSystems Latinoamérica SAS (MetaSystems LatAm). The foundation has been the response to the growing demand on technical knowledge and 'know how' experienced in the last years all over the Latin American territories. Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina and is a port city which stretches along the Rio de la Plata, the gateway to Argentina for centuries. MetaSystems LatAm takes care for the organization of sales, support, and customer relation activities in all countries in Latin America. It will manage distributor companies and contacts in the region, and it will facilitate communication between end-users, distributors and headquarters in Germany.

Latin America is a huge, bi-lingual region with 20 countries and always has been in the focus of MetaSystems. MetaSystems LatAm acknowledges the cultural entity that Latin America represents. The team in Buenos Aires is constituted by a group of Spanish and Portuguese speaking professionals. With immediate effect, MetaSystems LatAm will be the direct link between all countries in Latin America and the MetaSystems Headquarters in Germany.


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