RapidHyb - Demand More Than Excellent Performance

Feb 20, 2019

Fluorescence in situ hybridization has become an essential detection assay in today´s routine diagnostics. However, long hybridization times of many hours to overnight are still a restrictive factor. We have refined the production process of our FISH probes to reduce background and artefacts and to improve the signal to noise ratio, particularly in short-time hybridization. Since mid-2015, one hour hybridization on lymphocytes is an integral part of quality control for all XCyting locus-specific probes at our manufacturing facility.

Usually all locus-specific MetaSystems probes hybridized to lymphocytes are easily analyzed with hybridization times of one hour under optimal conditions. In case of weak signals or poor signal to noise ratio, hybridization time might be increased to 2-4h.

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