Second MetaSystems Workshop in Dubai

Feb 18, 2017
The workshop was a tremendous success, providing the group with much understanding of MetaSystems products, quality, and ease of use.

MetaSystems held its second workshop in the Middle East this year between the 18th and 21st of February in Dubai, UAE. This time, in addition to a system demonstration, a probes workshop was also included. Over the course of two different workshops (one on the 18th/19th, one on the 20th/21st), 29 participants from 5 countries experienced the ease and quality of MetaSystems FISH probes, software, and hardware. Participants came from Pakistan, Iran, the UAE, Oman, and Lebanon.

Attendees were given an overview of MetaSystems history and products. After a presentation of the MetaSystems FISH protocol hematological samples were prepared with several different probes. Normal samples provided by MetaSystems, as well as on abnormal samples brought by attendees were used. After observing a demonstration by a FISH Applications Specialist attendees had the opportunity to perform the protocol themselves. The best way to analyze the samples using the Metafer slide scanning platform, the Ikaros karyotyping system, and the Isis FISH imaging software, has been demonstrated to the audience. Attendees went home with a bag of useful hints and recommendations for implementation in their own lab routine.


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